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Overcoming Depression

Depression affects around one in 10 people, which presents itself in people differently and has a variety of symptoms and causes of problems with your health, relationships and well-being. The low mood which characterises depression is not the same as just having a bad day. Sufferers of depression often have to cope with a wide range of emotions and physical effects, which impact day to day life the approach used at our clinic is a variety of therapeutic techniques that combine psycho-dynamic psychotherapy with hypnotherapy.

What causes depression

There is no known cause for depression, nor any decisive explanation as to why it is a gradually occurring problem in some people and a sudden illness in others. A tendency to depression can be inherited genetically. It can also be the result of traumatic past experiences, neglect or abuse, or can be triggered by an upsetting event, such as a bereavement or the end of a relationship. In general, depression is thought to be the result of negative interactions between genetics, life experience and body chemistry.

It is important to remember that anyone can get depressed, regardless of age, background, advantages or disadvantages; so sympathy is key.

Depression and Therapy

Depression is debilitating and can affect not only how you feel about yourself but also your relationships and your career. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques CBT, NLP with the integrative on of hypnotherapy render it a highly successful way to identify and understand depression and behavioural traits that might be causing and maintaining the client's depression. Cognitive Hypnotherapy gets to the root cause of the depression problem and changes the perception patterns.


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