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Stress Management 

Modern life is extremely demanding and feeling stressed or under pressure is very common. We are continuously asked to juggle work, family, social relationships, financial pressures and more, so it’s not surprising that we become stressed! Many of us tend to ignore or don’t even realise the amount of stress we are under until we experience more serious warning signs, or health-related difficulties developed as a result of these constant pressures. It is important to keep in mind that some elements of stress can be helpful in keeping us focused and on point in situations that require  full attention. However, stress becomes problematic when it is constant, and you feel overwhelmed. 

It is vital to keep in mind that the constant and continuous experience of stress can have a significant negative impact on your physical and mental health. Thus, it is very important to reach out for help as soon as we start noticing the first signs of stress. Although different, stress and anxiety can very often feel the same. This is because, similarly to anxiety, stress is a physiological response to threats or demands, and both trigger the “fight or flight” response (to know more about the fight or flight response, see Anxiety and Anxiety Disorder and, therefore, from a physical perspective both experiences can feel very similar. 



Stress Management and therapy


Cognitive behavioural therapy CBT is one of the most used therapies in the treatment of stress, helping you identify negative thinking patterns and also providing you with important stress management tools and skills. Through stress management hypnotherapy CBT and NLP we can help you manage stressful situations in a more positive and calm manner. We work with an integration approach to tackle automatic responses to stressful triggers, so you can think feel and behave differently in these situations. The integration of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy is more effective than using NLP alone. The self-awareness that integrative approach proven to be a successful way to quickly eliminating negative thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs allowing you to generate a more positive future, improving stress sensers response.

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