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Clinical Hypnotherapy Anxiety   

Anxiety  is a natural part of life. Mild anxiety and stress can, to some extent, encourage us to change and grow. However, almost everyone experiences anxiety at some point in their lives, particularly when faced with a stressful situation such as a deadline at work, exam results, an interview, or during times of illness. Anxiety can produce physical symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, and butterflies in the stomach.

Anxiety is a significant feature of social disorders such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and specific phobias, among others. Most people feel anxious from time to time, which can interfere with various life situations. The symptoms of anxiety can vary considerably from person to person, ranging from social anxiety disorders to panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, or phobias. That is why we treat each client as an individual and tailor a treatment plan specific to their needs. There are various underlying causes of anxiety, and treating each case with the same method may not be effective. We understand the impact anxiety can have on your life, and that's why we investigate the root causes of anxiety to structure a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to help you.

Hypnotherapy and Anxiety


Hypnotherapy for anxiety works by effectively re-setting  anxiety level to ‘healthy’. It clears your subconscious of the negative and unhealthy beliefs that drive your anxiety. With our tailored Hypnotherapy sessions, you will learn to respond to life without becoming anxious. You'll regulate your emotions more effectively so that you remain relaxed in situations that would typically trigger anxiety attacks. Hypnotherapy helps the mind to relax and will help regain confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation. 

It is important to remember that anxiety attacks are based on a particular mental state and can be treated with different forms of cognitive or behavioural therapies. Using hypnotherapy and a verity of therapeutic techniques combines psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. This form of therapy allows clients to release emotions in a supportive environment, enabling each client to move forward without carrying the burden of past anxiety.

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