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Mindfulness therapy is an evidence-based psychological approach that can help you to reduce stress, enhance concentration, and cultivate a more present and conscious existence in your day-to-day life. It involves paying attention to the moment-to-moment experience of thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations with kindness and without judgement.

Mindfulness can have a positive impact on your mental and physical health. Over time, it can help you develop new coping skills to manage challenging emotions better and reduce distress.

How Does Mindfulness Therapy Work

Mindfulness therapy is a powerful practice that has helped millions overcome mental health challenges. At its core, mindfulness therapy works by helping individuals cultivate a sense of present-moment awareness, a non-judgmental attitude and more acceptance towards their emotions. By doing so, they can begin to uncover and address the root causes of their psychological distress.

The practice of mindfulness therapy can involve a range of different activities, such as meditation, yoga, and mindful breathing exercises. Through these activities, you acquire the skill to perceive your thoughts and emotions as they arise while developing a greater understanding of the impact that these thoughts and emotions have on your life.


Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy as a significant approach that integrates mindfulness exercises with traditional cognitive therapy. These exercises are instrumental in promoting mindfulness the practice of being fully present and engaged in the current moment  which is a powerful tool in combating mental health issues.

Through repetition over time, this practice can help you develop greater self-acceptance and adopt an overall healthier attitude towards life's challenges.



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