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Harley Street London 

 The Ethos and philosophy are to work as a team toward a common vision.  Creating solutions and demonstrating forward lateral thinking and awareness, with a mission to inspire, strengthen and encourage, clients to strive towards their aspirations, and achievements. 

Beverley Sinclair

My Approach Beverley Sinclair
About Beverley


Beverley Sinclair a fully qualified hypnotherapist  experience specialising in providing practical and pragmatic support to help the client overcome a multitude of issues ranging from weight loss,  self-esteem, healthy eating, the menopause, relationship/marital issues, stress anger and depression, domestic violence and abuse using a variety of therapeutic techniques.

I’ve also had 10 years’ experience treating adult with a  blended approach incorporating  CBT NLP and hypnotherapy and psychotherapy  free themselves from often debilitating symptoms they’re experiencing by working with them to acknowledge the impact of their experiences and then building their capacity to move forward with their lives with increased resolution and freedom.

I qualified with the London Institute of clinical hypnotherapy(ICH) is recognised as London's foremost training colleges for a clinical hypnotherapist and has provided the highest quality of practical and academic hypnotherapy tuition in London since 1995. The (ICH) is accredited with the confederation of hypnotherapy organisation.


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Beverley Sinclair  DCP,DHP,GQHP, GHR,CNHC,SMBIH 


I am a member of the following organisation

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