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In our daily modern lives, we are confronted with numerous obstacles and problems – all of which can affect a person’s self-esteem. Individuals may develop bad habits, which can be as common in children as they are in adults. For example, a child may develop a nervous tic or begin to wet the bed, bite their nails, or blush. Different kinds of fear can manifest easily in the form of academic difficulties, peer pressure, parental divorce, depression, stress, social withdrawal, and eating problems.



Hypnotherapy for Child and Teen Therapy 


Children are very responsive to hypnotherapy, as they have tremendously active imaginations. They are open to positive suggestions that can transform their lives. We use CTB with the integration of hypnotherapy,  the self-awareness that CBT offers a  successful way to modify behaviour.


Mindfulness: Mindfulness is often combined with CBT and helps a young person to focus on difficult thoughts and feelings, rather than avoiding them so that the fear of them gradually lessens.


Psychotherapy: This is a more long-term therapy and involves talking about the effects of past events and can be more helpful with long-term problems such as depression or eating disorders.


Using hypnotherapy replaces those old, unwanted patterns with positive feelings. Hypnosis is a powerful tool in strengthening a child's confidence. It helps a child to feel empowered, It releases willingness to use their natural gifts.  talent and creativity.

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