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Children Self Esteem  

Self-esteem is our internal reference point, an integral part of the inner-compass which enables us to navigate our way through life. If we hold ourselves in high regard and believe we are valuable, our lives will reflect value and regard to us. Life is on our side. When we are functioning with healthy self-esteem, we tend to embrace an optimistic outlook—our glass becomes half-full, where it may once have seemed half-empty. Such a perspective plays a vital role in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Yet if our internal reference point, our self-esteem, is set on low, our lives begin to show us a very different view. Reality becomes bleak. Chaos and struggle abound.

As children we were ‘downloaded’ with a set of beliefs by our caregivers, family and teachers—beliefs which became our operating truths, our consequent reality. Each instance of invalidation was internalized. Every trauma, unkind word and abusive action shaped our developing self-esteem.

Healing childhood trauma with hypnotherapy does not mean that you have to relive the childhood trauma again.

What hypnotherapy can do is give you a safe environment to focus on resolving the conflict and processing and re-cataloguing your memory so it no longer disturbs you.  Clinical hypnosis increases the effectiveness of hypnotherapy which enables unique, specific and positive changes to take place.


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