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Hypno-birthing  London 


Hypnobirthing is now helping to change perceptions of how birthing can be. This unique antenatal program teaches specific self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques empowers mothers to be more present, calmer and more in control of their thoughts in the delivery room. And that’s exactly why supermodel Gisele Bundchen said she preferred hypnobirthing to an epidural. Kate Middleton  The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly learned hypnobirthing techniques prior to delivering her first baby and has since used the techniques for her second and third as well.


Hypnobirthing can help you to


  • Remain positive and relaxed.

  • Reduces fear, tension, pain and naturally increase the pain threshold.

  • Decreases the shock and speeds recovery.

  • Shorten the first stage of delivery by approximately three to four hours for first-time mothers

  • Heal quickly and recover faster

  • Encourage the production of milk

  • Increase the chance of baby feeding and sleeping well 

  • Increased  bonding between mother, father and child

  • Equip the mother with a skill that will be useful for the rest of her life.

  • Enable the mother to at least go into hypnotic relaxation if unable to sleep between feeds.

Hypnotherapy and childbirth


Hypnobirthing is a unique antenatal program that teaches specific self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques for a more gentle birth that is often accompanied by a significant reduction in pain. Hypnobirthing is not about “training mothers to give birth” when undisturbed we already know how to do that instinctively. Hypnobirthing is about getting rid of fear and allowing our bodies and minds to relax so we can birth our babies gently. Contemporary women in our culture hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth, too often associating it with excruciating pain, thereby causing their bodies to become unable to perform what should be a normal physiological function. Hypnobirthing is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education enhanced by self‑hypnosis and guided imagery techniques that allow women to use their natural abilities to bring about safer and more comfortable birthing.


Hypnotherapy for childbirth course

The approach of hypnotherapy for childbirth is to teach the expectant mother how to become relaxed both mentally and physically. With the help of both hypnosis, understanding human behaviour and the teaching of self-hypnosis you can remove any fears and any apprehension. 

​The hypnotherapy for childbirth course is 5 one hour sessions leading up to the due date, which can include a partner session if you wish. These well-planned sessions will leave you feeling positive, confident, well informed and filled with excitement about being a mum.

We also offer a dual session pack for childbirth; this two intensive one and a half hour sessions are ideally 4 days to one week apart and focus purely on the expectant mother for relaxation and great expectations.

Hypnotherapy for childbirth can be a great investment for your future because in most cases one baby is just the beginning of a family.


Five-week series includes a Hypnobirthing techniques textbook, relaxation CD, and everything you need to know to reconnect with your birthing instincts and create an amazing birthing experience.

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