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Fear of Flying

Several studies have found that up to 40 percent of people have some degree of anxiety about flying, said Dr Lucas van Gerwen, an aviation psychologist and professional pilot.

  • Does fear of flying stop you from choosing the holiday that you want?

  • Is the fear of flying placing pressure upon your relationship?

  • Does the fear of flying prevent you from visiting faraway friends and family members?

  • Are you expected to fly on business as part of your job?

  • Do you feel anxious at the thought of even planning a trip?

  • Do you use alcohol or medication to reduce anxiety when flying?

  • Have you ever experienced a panic attack whilst flying?

  • When laying on the beach, are you anxious about the return journey?

How can hypnotherapy help me to get over a fear of flying?

Some hypnotherapy techniques involve the therapist making positive suggestions whilst a person is in hypnosis that the fear has disappeared. In my experience this can be a temporary solution only because the root cause of the fear will still be present.

I believe that the only permanent solution is to locate and address the root causes of the fear. Most likely these are lodged in the subconscious mind and have been there since the person was a young child. Sometimes these fears remain un-triggered in the subconscious for years, but trauma in later life, such as a bad experience on a flight can cause this fear to become triggered and become a major issue. This isn’t a complicated process and can sometimes be treated in only a few sessions.

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