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5 Ways to Clear Negative Energy

We may not be able to see negative energy, just as we can’t see electricity or gas, but we know they exist. We can’t measure it, just as we can’t measure consciousness, emotions or intuition, but we know we have them. And although you can’t see negative energy, you probably know what negative energy feels like.

Negative energy tends to come from 3 main sources. The first is from negative people, the complainers, the moaners, the doomsayers, the narcissists, you know the sort.

Another source of negative energy comes from our environment. Anywhere you feel uncomfortable, unappreciated or undervalued.

The 3rd source comes from our psyches, otherwise known as negative self-talk.

Whether you’re picking up negative energy from any or all of the above, It can leave you exhausted both mentally and physically.

Here are 5 ways to clear negative energy.

Create a Positive Environment.

My mother used to say “Cluttered home, cluttered thinking, cluttered thinking, cluttered life.” As we were growing up, she was the complete opposite of a hoarder. She loved a clear out spring clean, she couldn’t wait to take the Christmas decorations down, as soon as we lost interest in toys, read all our books, grew out of our clothes, and out it all went. She wasn’t very sentimental when it came to material things. Oddly enough though, as she began to develop Alzheimer’s, she hoarded absolutely everything! Her belief became her reality! And so, my first top tip is to declutter your home and your workspace. Get rid of negative energy in its physical form. Hold on to useful things and the things you love and get rid of what you don’t need or never use. When you’re tempted to buy more stuff (unless you need it) remind yourself that having more stuff, doesn’t always lead to more happiness. So far so good, on to number…


Do what you say? Smudging is the burning of sage but before you go rummaging around in the dark recesses of your spice rack, it’s a little different from the sage (and onion) you might stuff your chicken with for Sunday lunch. Ancient traditions suggest that smudging can literally lift your spirits and banish negative energy, and believe it or not there’s research that supports it. A 2014 study demonstrated that burning (smudging) white prairie sage (also known as the estate) can help reduce anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Another study from the University of Mississippi in 2016 established that white sage (Salvia apiana) is rich enough in compounds to activate receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for elevating mood levels, reducing stress, and even alleviating pain. Never smudged? Here’s how:


“Movement without awareness is exercise. Movement with awareness is yoga.” You may well have heard people rave about the wonderful benefits of yoga a thousand times before. But it’s for good reason. Yoga has proved invaluable in helping to combat and release negative energy since time immemorial. You can start every morning with a Sun Salutation: or you can use more precise poses specifically for the purpose of clearing negativity. I’m a yoga novice so a quick internet search will be a good place to start or join a yoga class near your home or place of work.


Deep abdominal breathing is probably the easiest, quickest and most important tip I can offer. Learning how to breathe from the diaphragm is beneficial for everyone as it encourages full oxygen exchange, (the trade of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide) Not surprisingly, this type of breathing slows the heartbeat, lowers and stabilises your blood pressure and releases endorphins. You feel-good hormone.

Create your very own negativity shield.

I teach this technique, together with breath-work

, to so many of my clients it’s almost become a go-to. All you need to bring to the party is a few precious minutes and your imagination. That’s it. If you want to take it up a few notches, to a whole other level, seek the help and guidance of an experienced and fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist (yours truly at your service) for more information on creating your very own negativity shield and any other questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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