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10 Morning Habits to Reduce Stress & Anxiety & Better Manage Your Life

1. THE TONE OF THE MORNING ROUTINE Consciously become aware of where do your priorities lie and incorporate that theme into your ritual & self-care

– is it peace, happiness, cooperation, communication etc? Set your intention to be intentional and in control of your emotions rather than reactive. 2. MORNING ROUTINE As we start each day fresh, we can focus on what is in front of us, what tone we want to set for the day, where to prioritize our time, and, ultimately, increase our productivity. Decide on what your routine will be: For example What time you awaken and what you will do when you awaken: exercise, stretch, pray, yoga, meditate, set intentions, set & repeat affirmations etc, when (if at all) you’re going to get on social media … 3. EXERCISE Benefits include:

  • Physical fitness

  • positivity

  • increased stamina

  • reduced stress

  • increase in self-confidence

  • more energy

  • increased cognitive function

  • better sleep

4. GET OUTSIDE Studies have shown that getting outside within 30 minutes of awakening (even for a short time) helps to regulate our Circadian rhythms and create better sleep. 5. BREATHING The out-breath is the more important. Practise breathing such as in for 3 out of 6, or in for 4 out of 7. Repeat 3 times. Note how your feel – what differences you are aware of. Less stressed? More in control? If dizzy or light-headed, stop, sit or lie down immediately. 6. MEDIA CONSUMPTION 24/7 news streams can be very deregulating. Listening to the news first thing in the morning can be very unwise. Unless it is something urgent for you to know, relegate your media & social media to when you feel ready to listen. 7. MANAGING CAFFEINE Studies have shown that quitting or reducing caffeine helps you lower anxiety (which can cause stress eating) and even help lower cortisol in the body (which tells your body to store belly fat) and other studies show it can help lower blood pressure & increase wellbeing. 8. PODCASTS Listening to inspirational podcasts first thing in the morning can powerfully & positively set our mood for the rest of the day. Choose someone or something that you resonate with. 9. GRATITUDE If you travel to work, on your journey, decide to identify 10 different things that you are grateful for that morning. If you work from home, consciously set, say a 10-minute boundary, where you can simply sit and concentrate on 10 different things that you are grateful for that morning. FEEL the appreciation for every one of them! Gratitude & appreciation are 2 of the highest energetic frequencies. 10. LOVE Make a conscious effort to recognise & identify something you love about yourself. For example quirky sense of humour, generosity, talent, kindness, values, empathy, compassion, health – whatever: you’ll know! And take the time to feel self-pride & CELEBRATE that aspect of yourself!! High-five yourself, hug yourself, whoop! Get excited about yourself and get your body on board with it too!!!!


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