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3 Little Known Ways to Increase Your Energy

You know the feeling – a sense of dread, tiredness, and fatigue. You may tell yourself that it’s the stress from your work, kids, lifestyle, etc. There’s just not enough energy to do everything you need.

Stores offer energy drinks, coffees, vitamins, and herbs to temporarily boost your energy. But you may already found out that those things don’t last. You end up going back to low energy at the end of the day.

What if instead you raise your energy in your body so you have more than enough fuel to move throughout the day? There is no need to use any outside substance. And you can keep yourself healthy and active for longer years naturally.

1. Diet and Exercise

The most important part of energy work and magnetism is to work on your diet and exercise. This is the foundation. Your diet has a profound effect on your energy level. So it’s best to get the diet right.

This post will not go into what kind of foods and drinks you should have. Each individual reacts differently to different foods and drinks. Rather, start thinking about whether you are energized by the foods and drinks you consume.

Some foods make you feel lethargic right after eating. You just want to go to sleep. And you can’t concentrate easily. Other foods give you more energy, strength, and vitality. You feel like you can do more and be more.

Upon after eating or drinking within a 1-hour interval, notice how your body feels.

Does it feel better? Worse? Or just about the same? If it feel better then do more of it. If worse, less of it. You can stay the same if you feel the same.

With that said, diet without exercise is a recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle.

You don’t necessarily need to go all out and become a gym rat. 30 minutes of cardio is just enough to get your body pumping.

Everything in moderation. You can’t go wrong with moderate diet and moderate exercise to increase your energy.

2. Energy Exercises

Every practice of energy work accumulation begins with energy exercises.

Much like weight lifting or marathon running, we have to build ourselves energetically.

This is where Qi Gong, Reiki, Yoga, Pranayama, Magnetism, etc. comes in.

As you perform these daily exercises, you slowly increase your energy. One cannot rush this.

Usually it is through breathing (pranayama), physical flexibility (yoga), and awareness and posture (Qi Gong), but in the school of magnetism we transform stress into positive energy. This gives it a more

reliable way of knowing the effects of energy increase.

3. Integration

Often we divide our life into different parts. We compartmentalize our lives. And that makes us less present with who we are.

How much are we integrated with ourselves? How many times are we able to accomplish what we want to do? And how many unwanted thoughts cross your mind?

The truth is, human free will is severely limited because so many thoughts intrude our own desires.

You want to get your work done. But now you just saw a cute girl walk by. And thought to yourself, “I wonder if she likes ice-cream?” So now you are craving for ice-cream. All of a sudden, you remembered your favourite ice-cream show is on! So much for getting your work done.

In order to ride our own destiny, we must be conscious. In other words, we ought to control our own thinking through self-awareness. The path to self-awareness gives us greater self-control and more power in every situation.

And so you have a sense of inner freedom because you know you have “a choice”. Choosing to ignore unwanted thoughts is a choice. Accomplishing what we intend is a choice. Being fully ourselves is a choice.

But you cannot be yourself or integrate yourself fully if you are not conscious of what you are doing on a daily basis. When you become more awareness you can control life more fully.

The practice in Being Present can help tremendously in integrating parts of ourselves.

When we overcome “thoughts” and instead “BE”, we elevate our consciousness to a higher level and, therefore, increase our energy by ten-fold.

If you want to increase your energy, start by changing things on the inside. External solutions are only temporary but what you change internally lasts.

I’ve found 3 little known ways to increase your energy. Now notice that these 3 ways are long-term solutions but they will be worth it for years after.

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