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Sports Psychology and Hypnotherapy 


Sportsmen and women, as well as coaches, are beginning to recognise the importance of maintaining high levels of physical fitness, mental training and a psychological approach to competition, however, this is only part of the strategy required for success.  At some point, everyone has enjoyed a positive state of mind and they also understand what it feels like to be in a negative state.  Given the choice, most people would naturally choose to be reminded of those positive feelings every time.

Sports Hypnosis can help you to  


  • Start seeing things from a different perspective

  • Prepare for lifetime positive changes

  • Remove limiting beliefs and negative self-talk

  • Overcome anxiety

  • Become more relaxed

  • Build confidence and self-belief

  • Focus on positive attributes

  • Mentally prepare for competitions

  • Develop a winning perspective

  • Build character

  • Teach and develop strategic thinking, analytical thinking, leadership skills and goal setting

Sports Psychology and Hypnotherapy


Muhammad Ali, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods are the greatest, not only because they are accomplished sports professionals, but because they have developed a strong mental edge needed to win, by focusing and bringing themselves back into the zone.


This may sound like a strange concept, but most sportspeople recognise that the difference between winning and losing has to do with essential mental skills that help them experience better performance in their sport.  Hypnosis can instil in you a positive attitude towards exercise and perform so that you will feel positive and excited whenever you think about working out. 

Hypnosis has been used for many years to help professional sportspeople enhance their natural ability.  It will aid relaxation and manage and relieve tension, pain, and injuries.  It can also help sportsmen and women to return to training and competitions more quickly after a break, which is often very important to those competing at higher levels.


EMDR are both backed by science and are now regularly used for helping athletes and performers overcome internal obstacles that are preventing them from performing at their best. Once your brain moves away from anxiety and fear and towards confidence and success, you’ll achieve significant improvement.
This approach seeks to create a fundamental shift in how your mind perceives performing. It accesses the deeper parts of your brain and “rewires” it for success.

Challenge Yourself With Hypnotherapy

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