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Customer Reviews


             Before seeing Beverley I have been struggling for years to try to control my anger. Through sessions, I was able to discover what is causing me to be so angry all the time. Beverley helped me unlock the reason I was continuously angry she  made me feel so comfortable to share other problems with her. I now feel hopeful, great and have more understanding about things in my life. That was after one visit I saw an improvement.

Thanks - Terri. 




Hi Beverley, Sorry for the delay in sending you feedback "I am really happy I found Beverly's details and decided to get in touch with her. Her therapy has helped me to make constructive changes in my life and I am now more aware of myself, more confident and positive. A really big heartfelt thank you!"  All the best, Barbara from London.




I  just wanted to thank you for helping me with my phobia,  I am glad I came to see you  I was blown away by the whole experience and noticed a change straight away, made a great choice in coming to see you.  I feel fantastic and I have gained a better understanding of who I am and of things in general. Thanks, Ruth.




I have been reading a lot about Hypnotherapy so I decided to give it a try. I looked up Hypnotherapy online and decided to go with Beverley. I made a great choice. I had no expectation. I was impressed by her professional manner and was happy with the whole experience. Thanks, Prakash.



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