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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy London – Weight On The Mind?

Although the number of people who are on a diet, or attempting to lose weight by some other means, has fallen in recent years; the figure still remains high. Many people find themselves caught in a cycle of “yoyo dieting”: losing some weight; then lapsing, overeating and putting the weight right back on again. So what do you do when you’ve tried all of the diets and you’ve become resigned to the fact that none of them is ever going to work for you? Before considering extreme and invasive measures like gastric band surgery, it might be worth considering hypnotherapy for weight loss or even gastric hypno band.

It is an undeniable fact that all of our actions begin with our thoughts, ideas and desires; we are not machines. Before walking into the kitchen to finish off that box chocolate biscuits, we will have imagined the satisfying taste of the delicious and comforting treat that awaits us. We will probably not imagine the bloated feeling we might end up having, and the fact that treats like this are helping us to put on weight. These feelings of guilt and self-censure usually come after the event; after we’ve finished the last chocolate biscuit in the packet.

But what if our minds could be trained in such a way that food cravings didn’t constantly get the better of us? Well, this is exactly what hypnotherapists claim to be able to do for us. It might be beneficial in helping a person overcome the habit of using food and over-eating as comfort mechanisms or as means of reinforcing low self-esteem.

Thanks to the antics of stage hypnotists, the hypnosis component of hypnotherapy may make some of us reluctant to consider it as a serious option. Some people consider the hypnosis a bit gimmicky; not something that can be expected to make a lasting change to a person’s behaviour.

In reality, it is the psychotherapy component of hypnotherapy which will probably take the leading role as a therapist attempts to understand what is making a patient overeat or why their attempts at dieting always seem to be unsuccessful. Naturally, each person will have their own particular set of concerns, hang-ups and obsessions; and the most important part of the hypnotherapist’s job will be trying to identify these personal demons.

The suggestions that a hypnotherapist makes to a patient will often seem rather lenient and permissive since the idea is usually to normalize a person’s relationship with food and to encourage them to have a positive attitude towards their bodies. So, rather than trying to bolster willpower and self-control, the patient will often be told to eat whenever they feel hungry; but equally to stop eating when they feel full.

Perhaps the greatest benefit that hypnosis can offer anyone seeking assistance to diet successfully is the ability to retrain that person’s subconscious mind to have a more positive attitude toward dieting and exercise.

Most people will need to have a series of sessions with a hypnotherapist to achieve positive results, perhaps continuing for several months. Hypnotherapy works because it implants simple and rational ideas, but does so at a very profound and primal level. The hypnotherapist makes positive and common-sense suggestions to patients when they are in a state of deep relaxation. By repeating this process, session after session, the child within is gradually re-educated and begins to have a more sensible attitude to food and healthy eating.

When using just the conscious mind, the routine of dieting can seem like a real chore; no fun at all. By asking the patient to visualize the rewards they will obtain if they follow a healthy nutrition and exercise plan, the subconscious can gradually be persuaded to stop rebelling against the person’s health regime; and, instead, embrace it, and even to enjoy it.

Beverley is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in London’s Harley Street, helping people to lose weight by switching out old unhealthy, fatty, sugary eating habits with new healthy eating habits.


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