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Are you a yo-yo dieter? Constantly on the treadmill of weight loss & weight gain – often putting on even more weight than you lost? Wondering how you can be very successful in so many areas of your life and yet successful, healthy & sustainable weight loss is unattainable?

So many people call me and ask me to help them with their relationship with food. However, it’s actually, fundamentally about your relationship with yourself: how you treat yourself and your relationship with food is very indicative of how you value yourself and where you place your emotional needs in your daily list of priorities & things to do.

People come to me saying they have tried “every diet under the sun and nothing has worked”. So how come I have been so successful in reversing that negative trend and empowering clients to finally comfortably achieve their desired weight, without using control, discipline or willpower?

Hypnotherapy Works

Answer: Hypnotherapy, aversions to certain unhealthy foodstuffs, a positive sense of self, changing destructive self-language & coaching. The package is fast, effective & safe.

The hypnotherapy releases blocks, beliefs and behaviours that clients are holding onto at a subconscious level that sabotage their weight loss endeavours. Then we replace them with wellbeing, self-empowerment, equilibrium & resilience, boosting & amplifying a positive self-identity & self-regard and many other positive things.

The hypnotherapy also in-programmes aversions to foodstuffs that the client would prefer not to eat (chocolate, ice cream, biscuits etc). At a conscious level, I also assist clients in changing their language about themselves – our words are incredibly powerful and people often have no idea how destructive their self-talk is!

Research and clinical studies have shown that hypnosis works significantly well – both in the short term and long term – in enabling people to reduce their weight and keep the weight off! These studies have found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the therapy. Also, a recent study found that people who used Hypno-behavioural techniques lost weight, improved their eating habits, improved their body image and, very importantly, their self-talk!

Emotional and unconscious eaters are prime candidates for hypnotherapy. Successful, sustainable, safe & healthy weight management is about effectively re-programming the “self-sabotage” button in the weight loss mindset. Hypnotherapy & positive mindset techniques are a potent winning combination!

In short, in addition to the hypnotherapy, it’s about replacing the Inner Critic, who masquerades as being helpful, with the Inner Coach.

If you would like to know more, please call for a free telephone consultation. 07956694818


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