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The Secret of Success

What is the secret of success? The world renowned motivational speaker Tony Robbins saying… “80 per cent of success is due to psychology—mindset, beliefs, and emotions—And only 20 per cent is due to strategy­!” Most successful people believe that strategy and knowledge are only responsible for around 20% of success. The majority is down to other less tangible characteristics. Seeking success? Improving these will give you the biggest boost. ­­­­ Beliefs Firstly do you have a strong sense of self-worth? Feeling secure will help your pursuits. Successful people understand the power of self-belief. As well as encouraging belief in others and gaining their help with your goals. Attitude Secondly a positive attitude will you keep on going. Plus courage and learning from mistakes. Moreover, adaptability, curiosity and a collaborative approach ensure success. By training our minds for keeping a good attitude in all situations. This in turn influences our actions. And those of the people around us. Focusing When facing long-term goals often becoming distracted. Other rewarding tasks taking priority. Instead of focusing on one goal. And pursuing actions that move it forward. Keep your focus ensuring you’re more likely to succeed. Emotional Control Our emotions can sometimes be our worst enemy. For success needing to work on our emotional intelligence, mastering our emotions Instead of letting them control us. Overcoming fearthe of failure is vital. As well as working well with others and building healthier, more productive relationships. Mindset What’s the mindset of a successful person? They see opportunities over reasons. In addition, a positive mindset focusing on possibilities not setbacks. Plus they see things others might not. In short, knowing what you can and can’t control is vital to success. In addition, planning for obstacles before they happen. And visualising success rather than failure. Moving forward Do you want help developing the tools for success? Discover how I can help you?

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