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Skin Disorders

Skin is the body’s largest organ, our first and best defence against external aggressors. When skin is healthy, when its condition is compromised, its ability to work as an effective barrier is reduced.

Skin is the ultimate multi-tasker, performing many functions that are essential to our overall wellbeing. It plays an important psychological role. As an indication of health, the condition of our skin affects how we feel about ourselves and how others view us.

What does skin protect us from?

The many external factors that skin protects us from include:

Changes in temperature and humidity: skin helps to regulate body temperature, control moisture loss and maintain the balance of fluids.

Disease: skin works to neutralise aggressors such as bacteria, viruses and pollution and prevent them from entering the body.

UV rays: over-exposure to these harmful rays generates free radicals – aggressive molecules that cause cell damage.

Pressure, blows and abrasion: skin recognises pain and alerts us to danger. It acts as a barrier and shock absorber.

Chemical substances: skin is our first line of defence against the aggressive formulas that we may encounter either in the workplace or at home if we use harsh cleansing products or inappropriate skin care.

Skin conditions can make us feel frustrated. Through our Skin Conditions, NLP and Hypnotherapy is an extremely helpful tool and aims to allow the sufferer to take control of any itching, discomfort and pain and everything else that goes with these conditions, such as stress, self-confidence, low self-esteem, anxiety and any fears or phobias that arise. There is a mind-body connection, hypnotherapy is highly successful to identify and understand habits and behavioural traits that might be triggering and maintaining the condition. You will learn how to reduce the intensity of these feelings and start to see things from a different perspective and consolidate new thinking as well as deep relaxation.

Hypnosis relaxes and calms individuals, allowing one’s subconscious mind to accept positive suggestions for their well-being. This experience helps you reflect calmly and positively and cope with the days, weeks, and months ahead. finding inner peace within yourself and others, as well as aiding deep relaxation.


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