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Resolving Relationship Issues With Hypnotherapy

The key to resolving relationship issues with hypnotherapy lies in understanding attachment. Attachment is just another word for emotional bonding. A child is not able to take care of itself. So it needs to bond to a primary caregiver in order to feel secure.

That parent, or primary caregiver, is the child’s source of protection, comfort, soothing, and nourishment. When a parent becomes the source of threat, as well, it creates an internal conflict for the child.

The place the child needs to turn to get important needs met has become a danger. This leaves the Child with nowhere to go to get it’s needs met.

The primary caregiver is the most important person in the Child’s life. This person represents Source. So, this is the most important person when it comes to the forgiveness

work. This is the person who was supposed to meet the client’s needs in childhood. And they didn’t.

The relationship with the primary caregiver can be reflected in the client’s relationship with their spouse. It could be reflected in past relationships that didn’t work out. If you get a client who has been divorced a couple of times, you will find an underlying pattern that has to do with unmet needs. And this pattern can have its roots in childhood.

This is because partners are often chosen unconsciously as stand-ins for the parent who failed to meet needs early in life. They act as a surrogate as the Subconscious Mind attempts to resolve the childhood conflict through them.

If you’re working with a relationship issue, resolving the reason that the client was attracted to their partner may negate the need for that relationship, any further. They may actually lose the attraction.


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