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Relaxation Hypnotherapy

Relaxation Do you sometimes feel ‘desperate’ just to relax? Does it seem like a distant memory of when you last allowed yourself to relax

and ‘let go’?

What you may not realise is that we all need relaxation to stay healthy!

Many people think of relaxing as being ‘self-indulgent’ but relaxation can be highly beneficial. Clinical studies have demonstrated that when we relax through hypnosis or meditation, for example, blood pressure is lowered, detrimental ‘stressor chemicals’ are lowered, heart rate and tension throughout the body are decreased and therefore, the body is brought back into balance.

As well as its calming physical effects, research also demonstrates that relaxation increases energy and focus, alleviates stress on the immune system, and can relieve aches and pains. Relaxation can also heighten problem-solving abilities and boost motivation and productivity. Best of all, with a little practice, anyone can reap these rewards.

We offer deep relaxation hypnotherapy to take the burden off of you. Our clinics are relaxing, clean and comfortable, the perfect environment to feel and experience deep relaxation.


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