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Performance Anxiety

Giving a presentation or speech, in front of others, if you’ve experienced performance anxiety you know it can be nerve-wracking.

The anxiety of performing in front of other people may produce a variety of symptoms which are often so stressful.

There is a large body of research indicating that mental practice can enhance physical performance. This is not to suggest that mental practice can replace the physical, but the mind does not have physical limitations such as muscle fatigue. Whenever we have to perform a task demonstrating a skill (sports, exam or presentation) we strive to maximise the development of the skills and present the best version of ourselves. Studies have shown that performance can be significantly improved if the mental practice is conscientiously sustained then we can achieve the results we physically strive towards.

Hypnotherapy is an effective method because it is goal orientated and builds confidence. Hypnotherapy accesses the part of the brain where we hold our behavioural patterns and by practising scenarios, we can mentally prepare ourselves and equally reduce potential anxiety. Therefore, freeing the mind's ability to deliver the best performance.


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