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Over Coming Shame

This emotion is one of the most destructive human emotions. Moreover leading to destructive behaviour including drinking problems or issues like depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

Avoiding this path requires letting go of our shame and building confidence and self-worth. Hypnotherapy helps people find relief, and build self-worth. And realise they’re much more than their past experiences.

Causes of Shame

Shame is caused by many things including poor self-esteem, an unrealistic view of the world or yourself and traumatic past experiences. Whilst deep-rooted feelings of shame are best treated with professional hypnotherapy, there are some steps you can take to start the process.

Forget Perfection

Firstly perfection in life is an unrealistic expectation. Other people may appear perfect to us from the outside, but no one feels that way. Instead, celebrate life’s imperfections. Society and the media are building an increasingly unrealistic view of the world. It’s important to step back, reassess and realign our expectations. This leads to a much happier life.

Avoiding Reworking Shame

Secondly, negative feelings or experiences can be hard to let go of. As we replay them over and over again in our minds, we take ourselves back to the events we’re trying to forget. We experience those feelings of shame over and over and this builds up feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness. If we can process our shame and let it go, we can continue our lives free from its shadow.

Showing Compassion

Thirdly we are often more kind and forgiving of others than we are of ourselves. Self-compassion and kindness can take the place of shame. Instead of negative self-talk, visualise positivity and forgiveness. Careful observation of your behaviour and training of the mind can stop negative cycles and limit destructive results.

Focus On The Future

Fourthly past events can have a stronghold over us and undoubtedly shape the people we become. But they should not control us. Fear and shame can paralyse us, preventing us from taking risks. However, change and transformation are possible. Hypnotherapy helps people process their past so they can live in the present and plan for the future.

Embracing Acceptance

In short part of moving on is accepting your past and who you are. Through acceptance, we can step out of a cycle of shame and deal with pain. As well as telling ourselves that our emotions are not in control. And that all things will pass.

Seek Positive Support

In conclusion, surrounding yourself with positivity and opening up to others. Accept yourself as others would accept you. Furthermore,

I have helped many clients let go of their shame and I can help you. There’s no need to live your life with feelings of shame holding you back.


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