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Men’s Mental Health

Men’s mental health matters as much as women and the good news are, that studies have shown that asking for help or advice on health, relationships, family, finance or career matters. makes you happier, healthier, more successful and able to enjoy healthier relations overall. Seeking help is a sign of strength. Finding support is empowering, it opens your mind to fresh ideas and perspectives on how to solve problems that you may otherwise not have considered.

Although men are aware that it’s good to talk, they can still be uncomfortable doing it, and therefore less likely than women, to seek therapy. Men tend to prefer solutions rather than discussing their problems, to get an issue resolved immediately without necessarily tackling the source of the problem. Numerous factors are contributing to this, for instance, the way many boys were and still are brought up. Learned behaviour, by observing male family members and friends, and what society, in general, expects of men can lead to growing up with the belief that struggling to cope with life is a sign of weakness. “Big boys don’t cry” “don’t be a girl” and phrases such as these are sad, and ingrained into our society. Asking for help can make a man feel vulnerable, less independent and not in control, worse still, some men think that hypnosis is a form of control, mind control and being out of control, when in fact it’s a way in which to give you back control!

Clinical hypnotherapy is a brilliant way in which to hit that mental reset button, a complete system reboot for the mind. A course of hypnotherapy can help you to rewire old negative beliefs patterns, behaviours and responses that no longer serve you, leading you to a happier, healthier, more productive and positive life.


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