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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just confirmed Lilibet's official royal title for the first time

There's been some happy news from the Sussex household: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their daughter, Lilibet Diana, christened last Friday (3 March), and in the process the little one's official royal title was shared with the world for the first time. Following the special occasion, which took place at the couple's Californian home, it's been confirmed that Lilibet is known as 'Princess Lilibet Diana' (and therefore her brother Archie is also a prince).

This new moniker isn't something that Lili was born with however, as she was not the granddaughter of the monarch at the time of her birth. The title of 'princess' is something that she gained the right to when King Charles III acceded to the throne, following Queen Elizabeth II's death last September.

According to a BBC report, Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the guest list but a spokesperson confirmed that the official Royal Family website will be update to reflect Lilibet and Archie's princess and prince titles "in due course".



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