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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go and see a hypnotherapist and come out of the session an hour later and be a stone lighter…if only!

Unfortunately, that isn’t how hypnosis works; it is a bit more complicated than that. Hypnosis works by changing your relationship with food for the better. A lot of people are comfort eaters or emotional eaters and therefore find it very difficult to stick to a diet, however good the diet is.

The emotions are seated in your subconscious mind and therefore difficult to change by just telling yourself to be healthy. When you are in hypnosis all that literally means is that you have good communication with your subconscious mind. When this takes place you can then change your bad habits and behaviours for new more beneficial ways of coping.

Obviously, you would not want to substitute one bad habit for another so what hypnotherapy does is boost your confidence and help you deal more effectively with stress and emotions.

You also need to consider that some food substances are addictive such as sugar, fat and salt. This is another area where hypnosis can help as it is highly effective at breaking habits. Most addictions are more mental than physical as you will find that when you are busy or distracted that you don’t crave certain foods. It’s the belief that they will help or the association with an action or time of the day that drives it. When you break this association by using hypnosis healthy eating becomes much easier.

Lack of motivation is another problem. This may also get in the way of your exercising as well as healthy eating. The best strategy for exercise is to do something that is fun and enjoyable such as a sport or dancing. That way you do not need the motivation. There can also be the added benefit of not wanting to let down teammates if you get involved in a team sport. Once you start exercising you will naturally be more energised and alert which once again makes it all easier, and you more motivated to continue to exercise. By being more active you will also speed up the rate at which you lose weight, another motivating factor to carry on.

It is important to set realistic goals for yourself that are achievable. Do not give yourself a mountain to climb. If you have a lot of weight to lose give yourself an initial smaller target. Remember success breeds success, so be successful with lots of smaller goals.

Ultimately being slim is a lifestyle, not a diet. If you go on a diet and lose weight then go back to your old bad eating habits the weight will always go back on, and sometimes more. If you adopt lifelong healthy eating habits with the help of hypnosis you can achieve being slim and healthy permanently.


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