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Hypnotherapy Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way of marshalling your unconscious resources towards healthy weight control without dramatic and invasive hospital procedures costing thousands of pounds like gastric bands or the mood swings of diet pills. Hypnotherapy has been recognised by the British Medical Association and there is more and more research being published supporting the effectiveness of hypnotherapy for a wide range of issues.

Most people find hypnotherapy a very relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Many celebrities (Lily Allen, Sophie Dahl and the Duchess of York) and sports personalities (boxer Nigel Benn, English cricket team captain Mike Brearley) have benefited from harnessing their unconscious resources with hypnotherapy. So why not you?

Our unconscious is responsible for 99% of our behaviours so it’s essential to use it to support your conscious decisions to change unwanted habits or behaviours around food and appetite.

Every week thousands of people in the UK seek help from hypnotherapists not just for weight control but also to help stop smoking, reduce anxiety, relaxation, increasing self-confidence phobias and insomnia. There is plenty of evidence to support its effectiveness especially when combined with the learnings of cognitive behaviour therapy.

1) Reduce key cravings (e.g. for high calorie sweets and carbs replacing those with more healthy choices) changing bad habits for good and focusing on a compelling and healthier future.

2) Eat more consciously and enjoy your food thus getting more satisfaction from less food.

3) Break the link between emotional overeating and learn how to disrupt those old patterns and drop through those emotions that used to lead you into poor eating habits or situations.

4) Anchor and access your feelings of increased contentedness, self-confidence and personal happiness without overeating and thus enjoy being yourself. You will learn to associate happier thoughts when enjoying new healthier behaviours. Find new ways of behaving and thinking that satisfy and honour those parts of you that used to get something out of overeating and allowing the (motivating) part of you that wants to eat more healthily to be successful.

5) Reframe significant emotional events from your past using Time Line Reprocessing that may have been linked to your old eating patterns whether it’s for company, comfort, love, self-sabotage or boredom.

6) Start to focus much more on what you will be doing differently in the future when weight control is no longer a big issue for you; what you will believe about yourself that you don’t currently believe yet in relation to food and weight control and finally what will become important to you when you no longer have this issue.

7) Look back at the end of each day starting to feel happy and grateful for those things in your life that bring you joy so that you begin to enjoy better sleep and waking up feeling rejuvenated.


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