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Hypnotherapy for Peak Performance How Hypnotherapy Improves

There are times in our lives when peak performance is required for reaching our goals. The term “performance” is often associated with sports but it’s now widely used in other fields with positive results. in my London clinic, I see a lot of people who want to improve their performance.

So what does peak performance mean? It can be anything from succeeding at work or overcoming challenges such as addiction. In addition, performing at our best in exams or public speaking. In short, any task where extra motivation, composure and positivity would help you.

Hypnotherapy for Performance

Hypnotherapy provides a key for unlocking your own natural resources. In this way, you use your mind in more effective ways. Plus, think and work more productively. Performing at your best helps control your fears and release your brakes to thrive. Moreover, your performance improves when you feel relaxed, confident and in control.

Many elite athletes, public speakers and business people use hypnotherapy as a regular part of their preparation strategy.

How hypnotherapy improves performance


Creative visualisation exercises involve practising your skills repeatedly. In your mind seeing positive results. Therefore, setting yourself up for success. Research backs up the theory that mental rehearsal increases self-efficacy in many areas of sport and performance.


Much of performance comes down to control over your thoughts, emotions and imagination. Hypnotherapy helps you in becoming more in control of your mental state. As well as releasing the fears that are holding you back. As a result, propelling that energy into your performance.


Performance anxiety can have a crippling effect on your behaviour. How many times have you “choked” or worked yourself up before a big event so much that things don’t go smoothly?

It’s a natural human behaviour, but the more we worry about possible negative results, the more likely we are to fail. Hypnotherapy helps in reducing your fear. Instead, replacing anxiety with excitement and confidence.

The Zone

You may have heard of people referring to being in “the zone” when performing well. This is a state of almost effortless success and relaxed enjoyment. Hypnotherapy can help you in finding your peak performance zone.


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