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Hypnotherapy Can Help To Overcome Phobias and Fears

A phobia is a special form of irrational fear where a person feels unable to control the situation they are in and become overwhelmed with panic and leads to avoiding of the feared situation or they will tolerate it with an extreme level of anxiety. If a phobia interferes with your ability to lead a normal life then it may be considered an anxiety disorder.

However, there are certain types of phobia symptoms that we have difficulty in dealing with. Which will leave a lasting impression and can trigger other deliberating feelings such as insecurity, humiliation, rejection, panic attacks, general depression.

Phobia symptoms can include

Dizziness, trembling and increased heart rate

Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


A sense of unreality

Pain or tightness in the chest.

A choking sensation

profuse sweating

Fear of dying

Preoccupation with the feared object

Hypnotherapy for phobia  works by effectively re-setting  anxiety level to ‘healthy’. It clears  the negative and unhealthy beliefs system that drive anxiety state and perception while reducing feeling of phobia fear and intense worry and instils calm and relaxation. Using a variety of therapeutic techniques with the integration of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy renders it a successful way to identify and understand phobia fear response patterns and behavioural traits that might be causing and maintaining the client's anxious phobia thought process. Cognitive Hypnotherapy  identify negative thinking patterns and provides important management tools and skills. Through phobia hypnotherapy, we can help you manage unhelpful patterns and stressful situations more calmly. We work with an integrative approach to change automatic responses from phobia triggers, to thinking, feel and behaving differently so that you remain relaxed in situations that would typically trigger fear.


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