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Hypnosis for Breakups

When a romantic relationship ends, there are often leftover emotions that need to be dealt with and processed including:

  • Grief

  • Emotional pain

  • Guilt

  • Confusion

  • Indecision

Most of us need time to recover from a breakup. There may be lingering feelings of an emotional connection (love, like, infatuation, closeness, etc.). Hypnosis for breakups helps you to let go of that emotional connection while still holding on to any positive memories or learning moments. You’ll still have memories from the relationship, but they will not prevent you from moving forward as they have in the past. Additionally, some clients use hypnosis to get ready for a breakup if the partnership is no longer functional or “right.” If you’re trying to manage the aftermath of a breakup or unrequited love, Modern Day Hypnosis is here to support you. In just a few hypnosis sessions, we can help you process your leftover emotions and find inner peace with the relationship’s outcome.

Hypnosis for Relationship Anxiety

Even though healthy relationships oftentimes bring us joy and feelings of love, some of us experience what’s called relationship anxiety. Relationship anxiety is a type of social anxiety that expresses itself as:

  • Fear of rejection

  • Inability to function within the relationship

  • Hesitancy to become close with another person

Relationship anxiety doesn’t just exist in romantic relationships — it can be found in platonic relationships, familial relationships, and even work relationships. If you’re experiencing doubt, worry, or reassurance-seeking behaviors, it’s time to consult with Lauren Hall of Modern Day Hypnosis. Together we can find the root causes and work through emotional triggers that may be holding you back from a fulfilling relationship.


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