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How to Stop Feeling Like a Victim Relief from Victim Mentality

Victim Mentality is becoming more and more common in today’s society as we are exposed to increasing numbers of images and stories of other people’s success. The constant barrage can make us feel helpless and unsatisfied, which is a shame because this way of thinking leads to people feeling angry, unhappy and resentful.

If you regularly think that life isn’t fair and that you deserve better than you have, or you feel like people treat you unfairly and take you for granted then you may suffer from a victim mentality. You probably spend a lot of time dwelling on how bad your life is but feel completely powerless to change it. The question is…how to stop feeling like a victim?

Victim Behaviour

Anger – Sometimes we place ourselves in the victim role because we deny our anger and project it onto others. We need to address why we feel angry and who at. Can we do something to change it? It’s healthy to address our anger and resentment than let them go. Working on our emotional intelligence can help us handle and express these complex emotions

Entitlement – A common feeling of those with victim behaviour is that the world owes them something that they haven’t received. Remove words such as “fair”, “right”, “wrong” and “should” from your thoughts and understand that the world doesn’t owe you anything. If we want something to change in our lives we can make it happen through our power and actions. If you need help with this a coaching relationship may help you plan your next steps.

Negativity – self-destructive, critical or negative thoughts can be a real burden on our everyday lives. They lower our self-esteem and make us feel hopeless. It’s possible to train this inner voice and learn to combat it with positive self-talk and creative visualisation. If you find yourself experiencing feelings of injustice, “this isn’t fair”, generalising other people’s behaviour, “no one ever asks me how I’m feeling” or comparing yourself constantly to others “they always do better than me”, you may need to readdress your thought patterns.

Responsibility – Someone who feels like a victim tends to blame others for their experiences. To move on from this we need to take responsibility for our own lives, thoughts and behaviours. You are not helpless and you do have the power to change. Learn how to be proactive and positive in all areas of your life.

Communication – Many people who feel like a victim aren’t sure how to express themselves especially when it comes to sharing what they want or need. Then, when people fail to read their minds, they feel victimised as they hoped others would be able to tell what they needed. Learn to be a little more assertive and reign in any people-pleasing behaviour. You’ll probably find that if people understand how to make you happy it’ll happen much more often.

Relief From Victim Mentality

These feelings and behaviours can be very deep-set. They are patterns we have learnt and often need a trigger or intervention to stop them from repeating. Hypnotherapy is the ideal treatment for this type of response as it addresses the core of the issue and initiates real change. It’s a simple, effective and lasting way to make real positive changes for yourself.

With a more positive outlook on life, you’ll soon find yourself feeling happier and those around you will react positively as well. Life won’t always go your way but this doesn’t mean you should feel like a victim. Hypnotherapy can help you change the way you think and behave and get you feeling more confident, powerful and happy.


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