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How To Stop Anxiety Moving Forward With Hypnotherapy

Is the sense of dread always overwhelming? Do you purposefully opt out of events, activities and not feel confident enough to do all the things that you want to? Anxiety can be an all-consuming fear, hesitation and lack of confidence that can affect anyone and seemingly strike at any time. However, if anxiety is stopping you from living life to the fullest, then its time to take back control and tackle anxiety before it takes hold.

Is anxiety always a bad thing?

Anxiety is incredibly powerful; creating fear, dread and uncertainty. There are as many as 3 million people in the UK who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder, while many more go undiagnosed. However, anxiety does not have to be debilitating. In fact, anxiety is a perfectly healthy and natural bodily response.

Anxiety triggers your flight or fight response. Furthermore, it boosts your perception and reflexes to help you cope with dangerous situations. Anxiety is a way to get your full body focussed on a situation, making every part of you stand to attention. Many people will often experience an increased heart rate when they feel anxious. This is a natural stress response to get more air into your lungs and more blood to your muscles.

With anxiety, your body gets ready for action. However, your mind can choose whether to diffuse anxiety or use it for your own benefit.

Can anxiety disappear?

I meet many clients that have waited too long before seeking help for their anxiety. As fear is a natural response of the body, it is not a feeling that will go away. It is designed to help us in a stressful situation. However, when unnecessary anxiety takes hold, it can stop you from being the person you want to be.

To all of my clients, I stress that anxiety is normal and natural, but offer the advice, tools and techniques they need to control their demons and make sure that fear no longer holds them back.

How to control anxiety and move forward

  1. Stop waiting

Anxiety will not fade away, but you can train your brain to recognise situations and label situations in terms of the danger. By acknowledging that you can take action to assess the reason behind the anxiety and the actual level of risk it poses, you can build a rational defence. This will prove to yourself that you can survive the situation ahead.

  1. Get moving

Anxiety prepares your body physically for danger, harness this energy for good by getting out and exercising. This can be playing your favourite sport, going to the gym or simply walking. Walking is ideal for anxiety as it stimulates all of our senses making it harder to focus on the fear we feel. As well as this, walking can help to regulate breathing to make you feel more in control.

  1. Pick up the phone

Talking to your friends will help you distract you from the anxiety you are feeling. As well as this, catching up with your friends is a great way to feel good and boost your mood. Your trusted loved ones will work wonders with relaxing you. Furthermore, you’ll finish the chat in a much calmer, controlled state.

  1. Mood boost

A positivity journal allows you to focus on all the positives you achieve and will achieve. Fear will often lower our confidence and create negative thoughts. Counteract this by focusing on the positives and how you are overcoming anxiety. This reflective time will also improve your mindfulness which can help you to feel in control.

  1. Desensitise

When we are children, we are scared of lots of things that we are not used to, as well get older we grow used to situations and see that they do not pose any real danger to us. While desensitisation doesn’t work for everyone, it can be a great process to realise that you do not need to fear the specific thing that causes fear. Thinking about, watching and immersing yourself in the aspect which causes your fear response, can help you to show you have nothing to be afraid of.

Control anxiety in five weeks or less

Hypnotherapy can help you to shake off your demons and be the best you can be. In less than five weeks, I can help you to tackle your demons and realise your dreams for the future without fear getting in the way.


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