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How To Remove Toxins From The Body Improving Health

What do the U.S. healthcare system, the Tokyo subway system and the human body have in common? They are three of the most intricate systems on the planet. Out of the three, the human body is the most impressive.

The human body is capable of amazing feats. For instance, did you know that your body will create seven miles of new blood vessels for every pound of fat or muscle you gain? Equally impressive? Your liver can regenerate itself and a woman can grow a baby in just 40 weeks. Plus, your body has a natural way of alleviating stress, anger and sadness – crying.

As impressive as the body is, it takes a lot to maintain all of these inner workings. Do you know what you need to keep your body running at an optimum level? The answer is: a sound internal system and proper elimination of toxins and waste.


Many internal organs and systems are responsible for eliminating waste from the body including: the lungs, skin, kidneys, liver, colon and lymphatic system.

With so much upkeep your body is responsible for, elimination is your body’s way of keeping your body in optimal health and free from harmful bacteria. Without it, your body wouldn’t function properly. Believe it or not, we can eliminate up to two pounds of toxic body waste per day!

But when one of these organs is compromised and starts to slow down, it affects the other organs — further escalating the problem and causing issues eliminating waste from the body. When your body cannot get rid of all of the waste it needs to, it stays and spreads to other parts of the body, leading to sickness and disease.

Skin disorders, fatigue, constipation and bad breath are all signs that your elimination system is not working properly to remove body waste.

These problems often start on your plate. Your body is not served by a diet high in sugar, fat and processed foods. These types of foods make elimination all the more difficult. These foods clog your colon, cause constipation, affect your blood sugar and poison your blood. All of this results in your internal systems being unsure of how to remove toxins from the body.

However, there are ways to repair the problems you have with body waste elimination. The easiest way is to change your diet to one that is less toxic. You could also take routes such as a nutritional cleanse, colon hydrotherapy or enemas. Though not always recommended, these processes remove old faecal matter from the body by gently injecting and extracting water to and from the colon. When body waste is stuck inside of your internal systems, it can cause problems by releasing toxins back into your body.

If you want long-term and sustainable change, you’ll find it in your diet. A healthy diet of whole food will keep your internal systems in prime condition. You can also look at ways to biohack your body to achieve success.

Here are some clues that you are not eliminating as well as you need to be. If you are experiencing any of these signs, it may be time to re-think your diet in the hopes of getting your system back in working order.


  1. Your eyes are not clear and/or yellowish or red.

  2. You eat sugar or white flour and/or drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol.

  3. You feel lethargic and constantly fatigued.

  4. You experience brain fog.

  5. You crave a better quality of sleep.

  6. You have bad breath, regardless of how much you care for your dental hygiene.

  7. You experience constipation.

  8. You have acne or other skin problems.

If you are experiencing any of these systems or feel as if your body is not functioning as well as it could be, reconsider your diet and think of how to remove toxins from your body.


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