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How to Recognise the Symptoms of Depression and Seek Help

Depression is debilitating and can affect not only how you feel about yourself but also impacts your relationships and your career. Depression affects around one in 10 people, which presents itself in people differently and has a variety of symptoms and causes of problems with your health, relationships and well-being. The low mood which characterises depression is not the same as just having a bad day. Sufferers of depression often have to cope with a wide range of emotions and physical effects, which impact day-to-day life the approach used at our clinic is a variety of therapeutic techniques combined with psychodynamic psychotherapy with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is used to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment to help individuals recover.

Hypnotherapy for depression is excellent for lowering anxiety and stress surrounding depression, by lowering the general level of anxiety and stress; in turn, will lower the perception of pain and discomfort which is related to depression. It's important to look at any underlying causes to understand why a person feels or behaves the way they do.

This experience helps you to reflect calmly and positively and to help you to understand the belief structures that support the depression message to reduce the intensity of what you are feeling. We access these beliefs by using hypnosis to weaken the intensity of the message. Once the underlying beliefs have been weakened the depression messages will be changed.


There isn’t a therapeutic modality that can fix depression, but there are many that will help you through it. Therapy will provide you with tools that will help you move into a brighter place.

Hypnotherapy is a form of talking therapy, in which hypnosis, suggestion, therapeutic techniques and talking combine to create a powerful therapeutic modality. Hypnosis is the same state of mind as meditation. Many people feel relaxed in hypnosis because their brain is less focused on external stimuli. You’ll notice a stronger sense of focus and a clearer mind. When practised regularly, hypnosis is a wonderful way to feel in control of your thoughts and behaviours. You’ll also recover a strength of mind, which you can use to overwrite some depressive thinking.


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