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How to Move Past Your Fears

Can Hypnotherapy treat fears? We all experience fear. It’s a natural, healthy emotion that developed to keep us safe. Sometimes our fear response becomes overwhelming or is triggered by something irrational, and then it can cause problems with our health and wellbeing.

There are lots of different stimulants in today’s modern world and it’s no longer the case that fear is only triggered by things which we should avoid. Flying, rollercoasters, public speaking, spiders…whatever you fear, hypnotherapy is an effective method of treatment that can help free you from symptoms of overwhelming panic and anxiety.

Fear becomes a problem if:

  • It causes you long-term distress

  • It interferes with your daily life

  • You avoid specific situations or places because of it

  • It causes you intense anxiety or panic

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it could be time for you to seek help. You’ll be surprised at just how much relief you can get from hypnotherapy, no matter how overwhelming your fear seems.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Addressing the cause

Addressing the cause of your fear is a powerful step towards overcoming it. Fear often manifests after a traumatic event that you might not always remember. You may have got yourself stuck in a destructive thought pattern or negative reasoning which, with treatment, can be reversed. Hypnotherapy can address the root of your fear and uncover subconscious influences you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of.

Coping techniques

Coping techniques together we can practise coping techniques that you can turn to when fear rears its head. Practising this in a safe place with a controlled mind allows you to easily recall the lessons when needed.

False Beliefs

Our fears are often built around false beliefs about what is dangerous, what can harm us and what is likely to happen. Hypnotherapy can help you question these beliefs and uncover the truth. Once your mind understands on a deeper level that you are not in danger and that a fear response in unnecessary, you will begin to feel relief.

Relaxation and calmness

Relaxation is a powerful tool to fight a fear response. By inducing a relaxing hypnotic state and then rehearsing fear situations, you will find yourself well-conditioned and trained to face these in future. We can teach the mind to experience a calm response in situations that previously caused panic.


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