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How to Find a Good Therapist

A good Therapist listens, understands and helps you find the tools you already possess to help you get the best from yourself.

A good therapist is not there to offer advice or personal opinions and must be unbiased and non-judgmental.

I believe that it’s imperative for anyone seeking a therapist to find rapport, to work with someone who you have confidence in, who you can confide in, and who you feel you can trust. If you don’t feel comfortable or fully at ease with your chosen therapist then move on. Keep searching until you find someone you connect with, the result will be that you will have found what it is that makes a good therapist, for you.

Therapy has lost all stigma (if indeed it had any in the first place) There is no stigma in seeking help for emotional and mental wellness. There has never been any stigma attached to seeking help for a physical complaint, so why should our mental health be any different?

Therapy is an incredibly useful tool that helps with a wide range of issues, from anxiety, to sleep, relationships and trauma, not to mention helping to manage many physical conditions also.

For an informal chat before scheduling an appointment, feel free to get in touch:


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