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How To Recognise And Break Free From Abusive Relationship

Help with Abusive Relationships There are many different ways to cope with or escape an abusive relationship. If you’re looking for solutions read on. Is your relationship making you feel trapped or unhappy? Are you feeling stuck in this destructive relationship leaving you feeling anxious, depressed and confused? As well as impacting on your self-confidence. If so relationship therapy can be helpful So what are the signs that your relationship is abusive? These include:

  • Controlling and jealousy leading to isolation

  • Power struggles and insistence on ‘winning’

  • Criticisms and blame – feeling you can’t do anything right

  • Putting people down and knocking confidence

  • Unhealthy pressure to see things one way

Other characteristics include

  • People pleasing behaviour

  • Being isolated from friends or family

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression or low self-esteem

  • Inability to relax or be yourself

Abusive Relationships Help What’s your position? Firstly, why are you staying in this relationship? Is it feelings of guilt or responsibility? Or real affection for the person? Maybe there is something you could do differently that could help improve the relationship. Talking it through Secondly, there are healthy ways of dealing with conflict. And this starts with talking to your partner in a non-threatening way rather than blaming them. Furthermore, by becoming more assertive whilst listening to the other's point of view. Positivity Unfortunately, negativity and controlling behaviour isn’t a formula for happiness. Therefore take steps towards improving the situation by organising some positive and fun activities. What part can you play in developing a new closeness? As well as making intimacy a priority? Relationship Therapy Unfortunately, if sorting out the issues isn’t possible, what are the next steps? In short, if you both want the partnership to work, relationship counselling is an effective solution. Moving on or letting go Following on from the above, are you both able to agree to change individually? Or perhaps work on the issues together. If not, then moving on may be the only way forward. Although this might be difficult sometimes, it’s necessary.


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