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An optimistic personality is thought to have a wide-ranging positive effect on well-being. Research shows that optimists are less likely to suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. But are we born with this positivity? Or can we develop it? Next? What steps can you take for becoming an optimist?

Be Mindful

It’s easy for repeated responses to become conditioned. This includes negativity. Our go-to reaction to any kind of setback is a negative one. Moreover often forgetting to question this response or the reasons behind it. In short, mindfulness involves developing an awareness of your emotions. As well as your physical and behavioural responses.

Listening To Your Inner Voice

Becoming self-aware helping us being more aware of our inner voice. It’s the voice speaking to us and commenting on our world and behaviour. Moreover noticing what this voice is saying. Is it generally negative or positive? Does it regularly do any of the following?

  • Magnifying the negative aspects of situations

  • Blaming you for things outside your control

  • Anticipating the worst outcome of situations

  • Seeing things as black and white

  • Making broad statements such as “you always do this” or “this always happens”

  • Personalising negative situations – “it would happen to me”

In becoming an optimist, changing our inner voice is key. Thus removing unhelpful or negative thoughts. Whilst replacing them with more balanced, positive ones.

Be Realistic

True optimism is different from blind optimism. It’s not naivety or overconfidence, but a generally positive outlook on life. You don’t have to force yourself to be happy, simply question your negativity. Of course, there are times when you’re going to feel unhappy or think you’ve been treated unfairly. However, your optimism will be improved by concentrating on what you can do for overcoming obstacles rather than what you can’t.

Positive Affirmations

Changing the way you think is easier said than done. Hypnotherapy helps you cement these changes. As well as making long-lasting adjustments to your thinking process. Positive daily affirmations such as the ones below help do this.

  • Anything is possible

  • My outlook and attitudes under my control

  • There is always a choice


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