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How To Beat The Procrastination Brain Battle

Cohabiting increases the release of in-love hormones, dopamine, oxytocin and vasopressin. These powerful hormones combined can create a strong sense of emotional attachment. The brain then sees the release of these hormones as a reward.

When you then spend time away from your partner, these hormones don’t release, and you can experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can include sleep disturbances, irritability, higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol and depression. In some studies, separation anxiety can manifest into physical discomfort.

How To Manage Separation Anxiety

Name your concerns

Instead of just feeling uncomfortable and taking it out on yourself or your partner, it can help to name what you’re worried about. Try this journal prompt: ‘Lockdown is ending, and I’m worrying that…’

Appreciate your partner’s view

Your partner may not be experiencing the same emotions as you. Don’t take this as rejection; they just have a different perception. They likely have their anxieties around lockdown easing, and there is nothing wrong with their differing point of view.

Have patience

It can take up to ten days to fully adjust to an unusual environment. Furthermore, it takes around 90 days to un-bond from someone if you separate. So, don’t expect things to go back to pre-lockdown straight away. Instead, use this time to communicate clearly with your partner about how you’re feeling. Remember, your partner isn’t a mind-reader.

Be independent

What do you love to do that your partner doesn’t enjoy? Try to build time into your schedule to focus on the activities you do without your partner. A healthy relationship is all about balancing time together and enjoying time apart too.

Talk about it

Have you and your partner shared date nights or activities that you want to continue after lockdown? It can help to talk to your partner about how you can both ease back into the outside world again. For example, if you will see less of each other, can you keep one night free for a date night? It can also help to talk about how much you’d like to hear from each other during the day, especially if just one of you is returning to work.

Need more support with anxiety

If you’re struggling with separation anxiety, hypnotherapy can be incredibly beneficial. Together, we can explore the deep-rooted concerns and reprogram the brain to create balance and harmony.


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