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How to Beat the Blues

No one thing triggers depression and very often people can’t put their finger on when it happened or why its happened.

Depression is more than feeling a bit low. It’s feeling sad, and hopeless, having low self-esteem, unable to find pleasure in doing the things you used to enjoy or other people seem to enjoy. If these feelings last longer than a few weeks, you may be suffering from them.

Studies show that approximately 264 million people worldwide will suffer from a mental health problem at some time during the year with depression being one of the most common types. To make matters worse, along came covid19.

Depression is a common psychological disorder and believes it or not, anyone can become depressed. For the majority of us, feeling a bit low, or a bit down is feeling that doesn’t usually last very long, they tend to pass soon after the issue, worry or memory has faded or ceased to be a concern.

However, depression is more than just feeling a little low, unhappy, bored or fed up. It’s deeper. And no matter whether the cause is or was, the loss of a loved one, financial worries, divorce, losing your job, or even medical conditions like thyroid disorder, if depressive feelings start to affect your everyday life, it is time to seek professional help.

SSRIs are protocol and usually the first port of call at the doctor’s office, but there are drug-free options out there also, and many things you can do to help yourself.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has become widely recognised as an effective treatment for people suffering from or experiencing depression. Recent studies have shown that hypnotherapy is more effective than cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) which in the past, was the most common therapeutic approach in treating clinical depression.

In hypnosis you can turn the volume down on your conscious thoughts, the thoughts that drag you down and open your subconscious mind to new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. In therapy, you will learn and reclaim your innate tools and inner resources and remember what feeling good feels like!

Some people forget or suppress the cause of their depression because the negative feelings associated with it can make the emotion even more intense. It’s not quite so difficult to put to the back of your conscious mind a negative or triggering event, but it can be much more challenging to do so on a subconscious level. Hypnotherapy connects directly with the subconscious mind and can help you to reframe your perception of the triggering event or memory that caused the depression in the first place. Hypnotherapy will help you improve your self-esteem, uplift your mood and help you to regain control, independence and emotional freedom.


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