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Health Anxiety

Health Anxiety is a term used to describe anxiety and worry surrounding getting sick. Although some health anxiety is normal, especially in these strange times, when that anxiety overrides everything else and is detrimental to your everyday life, there can be a problem.

What are the Signs of Health Anxiety?

The symptoms of health anxiety or hypochondria include…

  • Constant, overriding worry about your health

  • Frequently checking for signs of illness

  • Obsessing over symptoms and signs of illness

  • Feeling that you know better than medical professionals all the time

  • Spend a lot of time researching possible diagnoses

  • Act as if you are ill when you’re not or avoid certain activities because you might get sick

The overriding sign of health anxiety is worrying and obsessing over your health so much that it stands in the way of your life, relationships and other priorities. Taken individually the signs outlined above are not necessarily bad, but if you are experiencing most or all of them, and you feel like it’s become obsessive, then it might be time for a change.

Coping with Health Anxiety­­­­

Health Anxiety During Economic climate Health Anxiety is characterised by a worry that is disproportionate to reality. We all know there is a real reason to be worried at the minute and that vigilance is necessary and responsible. We all have to do our bit and there are precautions to follow. However, overriding health anxiety that prevents you from doing anything else is a problem.

Whether you were already predisposed to anxiety, stress or depression or are finding the current situation though, there’s no reason not to seek some extra help. In this unprecedented situation, we need to strengthen our resilience. There is a definite balancing act between appropriate caution and unhealthy obsession. We all still need to live our lives and get out of the other side of this crisis as healthy as possible in both body and mind.

Self Help for Hypochondria

There are some things you can try yourself to gain perspective on your anxieties around health. You can try keeping a diary of your behaviour. Challenge your thoughts by writing them down and questioning them from a balanced perspective. You might also try to keep your mind busy with relaxing activities and breathing exercises or meditation.

Hypnotherapy for Health Anxiety

Hypnotherapy can help you to cope and override your anxieties about health. It can help you change your mindset and challenge your negative thoughts. An outside perspective encourages you to objectively question your behaviour, thoughts and beliefs. Through hypnotherapy, you can find the underlying causes of your anxiety. This is the best way to overcome it. You will feel empowered to take back control of your life.


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