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Growing Means Learning to Say Goodbye

Learning to say a goodbye is an act of personal growth. Doing it in the best way will help you cross over into a new stage of your life.

They say that growing up means learning to say goodbye. It means learning to close doors forever, with no room for a ‘see you later. It’s a final farewell, there’s no turning back. A solid goodbye with a period at the end of it. However, if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that these kinds of goodbyes are extremely difficult to handle.

Nevertheless, when a relationship is hurting you and negatively affecting your self-esteem, it simply isn’t healthy to just leave things on standby. Naturally, saying goodbye is a big step to take. Because reaching that point of no return is always upsetting. Furthermore, you find yourself facing a whole new future with that person you said goodbye to no longer in it.

Fear of saying goodbye

If you never dare to say goodbye you’re leaving a window open to pain, disappointment, and disillusionment. Hope is the last thing you’ll let go of. However, if it’s a lost cause, it’s better to take a deep breath and let go.

Saying goodbye to the one who broke your heart isn’t something you can do overnight. Because they’re the ones who tore your soul apart. The one you say ‘see you later’ to, because you’d rather feel pain than feel nothing. The fear of saying goodbye terrifies you.

Therefore, you choose pain, anger, and rage instead. You don’t even think about saying goodbye. You think that you’re only capable of experiencing these kinds of feelings. Because you don’t know anything else. Because you’ve not been taught to feel any different and because you don’t dare to say goodbye

Consequently, these kinds of relationships are difficult for you to recognize. Furthermore, once you do, it’s extremely hard to take that final step and say goodbye. Nevertheless, doing so is a courageous act that you must carry out.

Fear of loneliness can sometimes stop you from saying goodbye. This means you’re more likely to say ‘see you later than a final ‘goodbye’. However, this loneliness is necessary so you can get to know who you need around you. Fear of being alone is why you tend to maintain relationships throughout your life that neither contribute, make you grow, nor complete you. Nevertheless, it’s the worst possible thing to live, surrounded by people, yet still feel alone.

With so much noise around you, you can’t hear your feelings properly. It’s like listening to a badly tuned old radio. Listen to yourself. Stay away from the noise. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on people who don’t deserve it. Learn to say goodbye. Free yourself from those chains and make room for new beginnings.


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