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The Process of Coping With Grief and Loss And How To Cope

Grief is a natural response to loss and can be a difficult and painful process. It is important to understand the stages of grief in order to better cope with the emotions that come with it. The first stage of grief is denial. This is when a person is unable to accept the reality of the situation and may try to deny the loss. They may also try to find ways to avoid thinking or talking about it. The second stage is anger. This is when a person may feel frustrated, helpless, and overwhelmed. They may lash out at those around them or blame themselves for the loss. The third stage is bargaining. This is when a person may try to make deals with themselves or with a higher power in order to avoid the pain of the loss. The fourth stage is depression. This is when a person may feel overwhelmed with sadness and may withdraw from activities and people. They may also feel hopeless and helpless. The fifth stage is acceptance. This is when a person is able to accept the reality of the situation and may begin to move forward. They may also start to find ways to cope with the loss and to find meaning in it. Grief is a difficult process and it is important to remember that everyone experiences it differently. It is important to be patient and understanding with yourself and to seek help if needed. Find out how my integrative approach can help you. I use a mix of psychotherapy, counselling and hypnotherapy at my practice. Schedule a call today.


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