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From Panic to Peace: Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks

Experience what it feels like to live a life free of panic attacks

Have you ever felt frightened? So terrified that you were afraid for your life? Are tightness or pains so bad in your chest that you think you are having a heart attack?

Ever felt an overwhelming sense of dread where you felt sick and sweating profusely? You struggle to breathe and your heart seems to pump uncontrollably leaving you feeling detached from reality. Dizziness? Well, you could be having a panic attack – especially if these symptoms occur for no apparent reason. It can be a really frightening experience especially if it’s your first time. But you can overcome it.

Why do I have panic attacks?

Panic attacks can be triggered by quite a number of factors, including anxiety, trauma, stress, loss of a loved etc. However, in some cases, the specific reason for having panic attacks is unknown to the person experiencing this. These symptoms can be devastating – sometimes, you may even lose control of your breathing! We are all different, so the length of a panic attack varies from person to person. With some panic attacks only last between 5 to 10 minutes, while for others it could be prolonged and last for up to 2 hours. But panic attacks quite often end as quickly as they begin. Panic attacks can come from unsuspecting sources or a combination of one or more factors. However, Hypnotherapy for panic attacks in London can help.

Hypnotherapy for panic attacks in London

It has been proven that people who frequently experience stress, fear and anxiety can benefit a lot from Hypnotherapy because it helps them cope better with certain symptoms. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can get to the root of panic attacks. A properly trained and experienced hypnotherapist will help you dig up and sort out all the deep-rooted issues and worries that may trigger an attack. Thereby eliminating the possibility of a re-occurrence. This is where I come in because Hypnotherapy for panic attacks in London can relieve and eliminate symptoms for good.

Imagine for a moment…what your life would be like if you stopped having panic attacks?

So how does this all sound to you? Do you feel ready to get your subconscious on your side to stop these panic attacks? Can you see a happier you gaining control back over your body’s responses? Becoming more confident and relaxed in your daily life? If so, let’s have a chat and go from there. Take that important step towards improving your life!


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