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Focus, Focus, Focus!

Cultivating a more positive attitude has become extremely popular in recent years thanks to much being written about the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that what we focus on in our thoughts and feelings will be manifested into our physical reality. Many people want to become more positive but find it difficult when surrounded by so much negativity. However, it is possible to shift your focus by limiting the amount of negativity you are bombarded with on a daily basis. Here are some ways to limit the effects of negativity in your life.

Don’t be a couch potato glued to the television. Stop watching so much TV. Much of the negativity we encounter seeps in at a subliminal level from the media, in the form of news programs, violence filled movies and TV programs, radio shows, internet and magazines. Learn to limit your exposure and be prepared to focus – after all, if you don’t focus your attention, the world around you will focus it for you! If you must watch the news, do so once a day. It is not necessary to watch every news program available in order to

be informed of current events. Don’t dwell on the news that you see or hear.

Monitor the movies and TV shows that you watch. Many parents do this for their children, yet they fill their minds with scenes that are filled with every imaginable form of negativity. They realize the impact these types of programs can have on their children, but are blind to the impact they have on themselves and other adults. Turn off the television and do something else instead. Take a walk and enjoy the surroundings or call a friend. You could meditate or listen to uplifting music. Read an inspirational book for a change. There are many alternatives to watching TV.

Limit the time you spend around negative people. Now, this can be difficult if you live in a household with negative family members or work in an environment with unpleasant co-workers. However, you may be able to cut negative conversations short by changing the subject or busying yourself with other tasks. If necessary, simply tell them that you are not interested or that you are trying to limit the amount of negative conversation you engage in. It can also be helpful to change your perception of negative people. Instead of viewing them as their natural negative selves, try visualizing them as having a positive nature instead. Remember, every negative behaviour has a positive intention – and it normally is just a reactionary outlet for something deeper and unresolved. For instance, if your co-worker X is always gossiping and criticizing people, imagine having a conversation with X where he/she is complimenting someone instead. If a family member is always in a bad mood, imagine them having a good sense of humour and being fun to be around. People will live up to the expectations we have of them. Perceive and expect the positive instead of the negative. Try it with your kids and watch what happens!

Change the way you react to negativity. While it is true that you can’t hide away from all the negativity of the world, you can change your reactions. Instead of feeling hurt or angry, learn to detach yourself from the negativity. It is not just your thoughts or words that attract, but also your feelings and emotions. Feeling sad or angry will only attract more reasons into your life to keep you feeling sad and angry. Don’t let negative people or unpleasant life circumstances upset you unnecessarily. Simply smile and say to yourself, “All things are working out for the highest good.” Let it go at that. The more you do this; you will gain control of your thoughts and emotions. You will be able to experience composure and a peaceful mind even amid chaos. It may not be easy to change your reactions or perspective, but it can be done. The reason it is difficult to change the way you react is that we go through life mostly on autopilot. Try to become more aware of your behaviour and the world around you. Once you begin to do this regularly, you will gain more control of your emotions. Be persistent in your efforts, and you will find that your life becomes more positive.

Beverley is a Clinical Hypnotherapist in London’s Harley Street, helping people to shift their perspectives positively.


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