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Fear of Authority Figures

A fear of authority figures is a type of social anxiety combining sudden shyness with a lack of confidence In addition, it triggers other symptoms such as blushing.

Is this you? Are you behaving completely differently when talking to people in authority? Is social pressure making you feel nervous? Moreover, are you worrying about speaking or acting incorrectly? As well as feeling fearful about damaging your reputation?

Fear of Authority at Work

Unfortunately, this fear is especially common at work. Many sufferers struggle when talking to bosses or others in authority. If you’re experiencing this problem you probably realise how damaging it can be to your reputation, professional relationships and career.

What Causes Fear of Authority?

Firstly, its roots lie in a fear of being judged. Perhaps something happened in the past causing embarrassment or humiliation. Or there was a situation where you were found inadequate and rejected. As children, we are taught to respect and sometimes even fear, authority figures. This causes us to revert back to these old feelings of low self-worth. Feels smaller and insignificant as the apparent magnitude of the person and situation grows.

Old Traumas

Sometimes the fear is caused by past traumatic experiences. Has a person in authority ever made you feel embarrassed, humiliated or rejected? Or left you feeling judged and powerless?

Keeping Your Power

No matter the position or money that is given to authority figures, you have a right not to fear them. By taking action you will stop giving them power. As well as releasing the hold they have over you.

Tips For Talking to Authority Figures

Here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Focusing on the person – not the power

  2. Avoiding defensiveness

  3. Asking questions and answer questions when asked

  4. Being aware of body language – don’t step back, make appropriate eye contact

  5. Relaxing and learning to control nerves

  6. Trusting their guidance

  7. Dissociating fear and anxiety with symbols of authority

  8. Concentrating on the positive and what you have in common

  9. Remembering this person goes home at night just like you

  10. Don’t be afraid to be assertive when necessary

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Authority

My hypnotherapy is extremely effective with these issues – treatment often overcomes the problem in just a few sessions. Fear of authority is an old outdated behaviour but the mind can be retrained with hypnotherapy.

In conclusion, if you’d like to feel more confident around people in authority please do get in touch to find out how I can help.


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