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Fear, Fight and Flight in Challenging Times. How to Re-calibrate

The collective consciousness on planet Earth at the moment is Fear. Not surprising really, given the current climate, and the general uncertainty of our future. What does it all mean? Is there a deeper more spiritual meaning? I certainly don’t proclaim to have a definitive answer to the magnitude of the challenge facing us, but I have an intuitive understanding and sense of the situation. We are experiencing a quantum jump in consciousness, this is a massive transformation. See the virus from a new way, as symptomatic of the collapse of the old earth and symptomatic of a jump to the new earth that is coming in for us.

As a Hypnotherapist and trauma release therapist, I am privy to people’s back stories, and I consider that a privilege, to bear witness to an individual’s experience that has necessitated their willingness to be vulnerable and enter therapy, it takes enormous courage. Within that individual's consciousness,

heart and soul, they know there is the potential to feel better, more joyful and more peaceful. They are yearning for change and relief. To feel better than they do presently, and deep within their soul is calling them back to their full potential, to self-actualisation. Just as a flower will naturally actualise to its full potential, as nature intended, so it is innate within us to do the same, we are part of the Divinity of Life and we all deserve peace and joy, life was never meant to be this hard, surely! Unfortunately, life is pretty desperate for many of us and we can become mired in hopelessness and despair, leading to depression, stress, anxiety and fear. We end up living in a fight or flight stress response, having knee-jerk reactions to life, and never finding supportive and nurturing ways to create inner balance.

Many of us exist in a state of continuous fear, we may have experienced traumatic events in the past, that still trigger us to this day, but to the subconscious mind linear time is irrelevant.

Mine was a spiritual pursuit, a steady day too, daily practice that would give me the key to a state of being that had eluded me my entire life. Addiction, fear and drama had lost their allure, I was looking for a deeper love, one that wouldn’t make false promises and wouldn’t betray me. I wanted a connection to Spirit, and I would not stop until I felt that connection and could trust it.

The deeper I delved into my Spiritual practice, the more happier and peaceful I became. I released despair, sadness, anger, and shame with Hypnotherapy, Inner Child work, breathing techniques, trauma release and meditation. I made friends with a psycho bitch, and forgave her for her inappropriate choices, that caused so much shame, the stain of which still stings on occasion.

Our wonderful planet has pushed the reset and reboot button, it’s time. Many people intuitively know and understand that something massive and life-transforming was on the way to create a monumental shift in consciousness, to bring humanity to a standstill. Whatever it was, however it looked, it had to get our full attention, it had to bring us to a moment whereby we asked some significant existential questions about our lives, what we truly wanted, what we valued, and who we are now as the human race. Are we all ‘one’, or are we separate from each other? Are cruelty to animals and people acceptable? Can we continue to treat our planet with utter indifference and get away with it? I think the answer is a resounding ‘No!’ The planet has pushed the reset button, bringing herself back to balance, going through the process of self-actualisation and there is nothing we can do now to stop it. There seems to be an underlying actualising spiritual force now guiding outcomes, and it will have its way regardless of how we feel and how inconvenient it is to our everyday lives. The wind of change has begun, a pivotal moment, there is work to be accomplished, transforming the current structures of society, and that begins within ourselves and the challenging process of inner change, of alchemising fear with awareness, shame with self-value and separation with unity. Fear is palpable right now, rising for release, reminding us that anything that is unlike love will now show up powerfully for healing. What we are left with, is a very significant choice. Do we respond with fear, adding more to the collective consciousness and in doing so deplete our immune system and create even more low-vibration energy, or do we surrender to what ‘is’ and make more positive, caring, kinder choices for our lives, the planet, animals, and humanity?

The more we can maintain a calm and composed presence of peace, it will dissipate the fear. The virus thrives on the low, energetic vibration of fear, panic, anxiety and stress. I recognise that toxic energy and lived it for many ‘addict’ fuelled unhappy years, until I pushed the reset button and made a conscious choice to align with a new dimensional existence, creating space to usher in a high vibration of love and trust. I choose now to stay calm and present, to the best of my ability. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting here wrapped in a material security blanket, my business has suffered, but I’m keeping myself in a good headspace with meditation, self-hypnosis, self Havening, eating healthy, limited media exposure, walks, no caffeine, no alcohol and no drama. I meditate on where I want to be in my life and limit my focus on what is going on. I feel grateful that I have resources learned over the years to support myself emotionally, and I help my clients do the same, with the Technique for Emotional Release, Hypnotherapy for Fear and Anxiety, Creative Visualisation and modalities to neurologically hardwire new outcomes for a happier, fulfilling life.


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