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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help deal with a whole range of issues. It is not uncommon for relationships to go through ups and downs. Whether caused by the stresses and strains of daily life or other significant life events.

In addition, issues between couples can be further complicated if children are involved. And the effect on them can be profound. Hence, many people ask what’s the best way of sorting out problems when things are starting to go wrong. When each day you’re drifting further apart.

The answer lies in couples counselling. This is proving to be highly effective in helping couples in a variety of ways. By talking through issues with a highly trained professional, relationship problems can be resolved. Thus improving the lives of those impacted.

Do any of these issues apply to you?

  • Worrying about your partner’s behaviour

  • Relationships stuck in a rut

  • Constantly arguing unable to agree

  • Repetition of negative behaviour

  • Thinking of separating but want to try once more

If you are wishing to improve your relationship, London-based couples therapist

The benefits of therapy for couples will be:

  • Improving communication and understanding of each other

  • Finding new solutions to old conflicts

  • Expressing feelings openly and honestly

  • Changing old destructive patterns

  • Developing new strategies for conflict resolution


This can be very supportive to both the individual and to the couple.

You can also come together for couples therapy where we’ll sit down with you and discuss where you are now and where you would ideally like to be in your relationship. We’ll help you bridge the gap by working on better communication, building connections and transforming your intimate life so that you feel more fulfilled.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for change and can help us understand why we feel and behave the way we do and support us to develop new ways of thinking. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for clients who want to release negative or limiting beliefs by identifying the triggers that started. We do this using one or more of a variety of techniques that are tailored to your specific issue and best suited to help eliminate stress triggers


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