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Changes in Hormones Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Marriage

Physical intimacy is an essential part of any marriage. It raises your emotional connection to your spouse, builds trust, and contributes to overall relationship satisfaction. Plus, it’s fun, and it feels great.

It’s no surprise, then, how lack of physical intimacy, both sexual and non-sexual, in your marriage can contribute to an unhappy union.

It’s normal for your sex drive to have peaks and valleys throughout your marriage, but how do you know when an intimate lull has turned into a real problem?

There are various physiological and psychological reasons for the decline of sex drive. From sexual desire disorders to chronic illnesses and loss of attractiveness in a marriage can be the reason why you are witnessing a low sex drive.

If you are wondering what is causing the lack of sex in marriage or why you are losing sex drive after marriage here are 8 common reasons for low sex drive in men and women and what you can do about it:

1. Low testosterone

Having low levels of testosterone is what causes low libido in males and can contribute to sexual issues. A lack of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, inability to orgasm, and more.

You may think that low testosterone levels only affect male sex drives, but this isn’t so.

Women’s bodies also produce testosterone, which is the hormone responsible for their sexual desire as well. A lack of testosterone in both men and women can cause their libidos to lag.

Negative sexual presentation

Witnessing a loss of sex drive in marriage? Sometimes it isn’t your body, but your past sexual experience that might be causing a lack of sex in marriage.

Negative sexual experiences can be one of the causes of low sex drive after marriage.

Those who have been through sexual abuse or who have seen disturbing representations of sexual intercourse through films, media, and pornography may feel disinterested in sex.

Chronic illness

Having a chronic illness may leave you feeling constantly fatigued. Exhaustions can contribute to having no sex drive and no desire for intimacy.

Furthermore, you may have sexual desires but feel too mentally and physically spent to follow through on them.

Changes in hormones

Menopause can play with your hormones, lowering testosterone and dropping estrogen levels.

This can make the vagina feel dry and make sex feel uncomfortable or painful.

Women tend to produce less estrogen after menopause, which is why postmenopausal women experience such a noticeable drop in their sexual appetite.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can also be one of the causes of low libido that hamper sexual desires for a time.

Poor body image

Being self-conscious and lacking confidence in your body may contribute to a sexless marriage.

People who have low self-esteem or who have experienced a severe change in body weight or image may not be inclined to have sex or be intimate with their partners. These body image issues can dampen sexual desires.

Mental health

Those who are suffering from depression or other mental health problems or those who have a history of sexual or physical abuse may experience a lack of sex in married life as a result.

Causes of low sex drive in marriage could be immense stress or anxiety.


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