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Cancer – Mindset Matters

When it comes to cancer – mindset matters and it plays a vital role from diagnosis and treatment to healing and recovery.

A cancer diagnosis will be a huge shock to your system. After the initial shock, other psychological responses kick in like confusion, disbelief, denial, anger, depression and fear. There will be tests, test results, the

possibility of surgery and treatment which on top of all the other emotions can bring on anxiety and stress. Emotional preparation and support is invaluable.

Moving on, there’s the possible side effects of drugs, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Hypnotherapy has been shown to help people feel calmer, more in control of their treatment and can help speed up the recovery process.

Pain management is another area in which hypnotherapy can be extremely useful. Rather than trying to convince you that your pain doesn’t exist, hypnotherapy aims to alleviate the fear and anxiety associate with the pain, helping the nervous system become less reactive to it.

Hypnotherapy helps improve self-confidence, body image and can even help boost the immune system. Managing stress effectively and developing a positive outlook has a positive effect on the nervous system and by default, has a positive effect on your immune system.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing therapeutic tool to help reprogram the subconscious mind and in my opinion, sits nicely alongside any other cancer treatment.


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