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Can Anyone Be Hypnotised Can You Be Hypnotised Against Your Will

I get asked all sorts of questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, for instance; Can anyone be hypnotised? Can you be hypnotised against your will? Will I be made to do silly things? Will it change who I am?

Hypnosis cannot do or change anything that you resist or disagree with and no, it can not change who you are, only you can do that.

And so while we are here, let’s dispel a few myths about hypnosis

  1. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis. This is quite impossible.

  2. You do not become in any way unconscious or semi-conscious.

  3. You cannot, at any time, be made to do things you do not want to do.

  4. You are totally aware of yourself and your surroundings at all times.

  5. You do not go to sleep.

  6. You are not in anyone’s power, and nobody can take control of you.

  7. You can leave the hypnotic state whenever you want.

  8. You cannot lose your mind.

  9. Hypnosis cannot permanently remove memories or thoughts from your mind.

  10. You will not suddenly blurt out your deepest darkest secrets.

  11. Hypnosis cannot bestow psychic abilities or supernatural powers.

  12. Hypnosis cannot make you act against or abandon your moral code.


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